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We love your feedback and look forward to hearing from you. Our knowledge base includes a number of articles to get you started, and our feedback forums are a great place to post your ideas and vote up others. Please share your stories to help us build a product that best fits your needs. Of course, you can always click Content Support to get in touch!

Knowledge Base

  1. Brands/Advertisers: Getting Started 

    1. Brands - New User Webinar
    2. Brands - What happens when I list my product?
    3. Five Tips For Finding The Right YouTube Channels
    4. Brands - Can I see some examples of videos published through Content BLVD?
    5. How do I cancel my subscription
  2. Brands/Advertisers: Working with Creators 

    1. How do I find YouTubers that are a fit for my product?
    2. How do I know what these creators claim for views and actual subscribers is accurate?
    3. Do I have any creative control over the content?
    4. What if they give my product a negative review?
    5. What if none of the YouTube channels suit my brand image?
  3. Creators working with Content BLVD 

    1. How to become a star of the Boulevard
  4. Creators: Working with Brands 

    1. How to Make a "Five Star" Video
    2. Creator - Remove offer
    3. YouTubers - I haven't published my video how do I let the company know?
  5. General Questions 

    1. How Does Content BLVD Work?
    2. Is Content BLVD an MCN?
    3. What product categories does Content BLVD work with?
  6. Creators: Getting Started 

    1. Creators - New User Webinar
    2. How do I get started?
    3. Why do you need me to sign up with my Google account?
    4. As a YouTube creator, will I be paid?
  7. Creators: Receiving Products 

    1. I want to receive free products from your marketplace. What's the catch?
    2. How many products can I request?
    3. What happens once I request a product?
    4. When do I receive products I've requested?
    5. Why hasn't my offer been accepted?
  8. All articles 

    1. I want to receive free products from your marketplace. What's the catch?
    2. How to Make a "Five Star" Video
    3. How Does Content BLVD Work?
    4. YouTuber - How do I edit my mailing address?
    5. Brands - New User Webinar
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